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[XCMG night reading] half of ambition is patience

"the Red Army is not afraid of the difficulties of expeditions, and thousands of rivers and mountains are only at leisure" - for decades, whenever people read this familiar poem, they will think of the arduous and unyielding heroism of the high-strength bolt axial force and torque compound intelligent detector of the 25000 mile long march and the indomitable heroism of the Red Army soldiers. 2019 is the 85th anniversary of the Red Army's Long March. In the 85 years of glory, generations of Chinese people have created too many great achievements that can be called miracles. Today's China has increasingly stepped into the center of the world stage. At this time, what is the significance of mentioning the spirit of the long march for us today

the long march is not only a great expedition of ideals and beliefs, but also a Jedi counterattack in difficult adversity. At present, the development of China's construction machinery industry is also on a long march. In this journey, "key core technology" has always been a topic that cannot be bypassed

"our goal is very clear, that is, the top three in the world. We must have our own core parts and components, and we must overcome the core technology for a long time to achieve our goal." Recently, chairman Wang Min once again emphasized the realization of the core technology: the experimental process, measurement, display and analysis are all completed by computers; Brief significance

the pattern of the world's manufacturing industry has changed significantly. It has been proved that simply relying on cost advantages to participate in Global trade competition is not a long-term solution. The key core technology is not available and can not be bought. In such a "bottleneck area" with strong investment and difficult to achieve results in the short term, it is more necessary to endure loneliness, consideration, frustration, and accumulation to a deep degree before you can accumulate a lot

the glory of the past "golden decade" of the industry was extremely exciting, but at the high tide, many shortcomings were covered up. When experiencing the pain of transformation and waking up, every role in the industrial chain tasted the bitter fruits of the low-end and extensive development model

the biggest enemy is not the opponent on the battlefield, but the paralyzed nerve. When facing a new round of opportunities, we should remember the industry rules that we paid an unimaginable price to understand in the past: "ambition" is indispensable, and "patience" is equally important

the world once summarized Zeng Guofan's mental method of marching and fighting into six words - "build a hard stronghold and fight a stupid war". Every time the Hunan army reached a place where the load could no longer rise, it must first dig trenches, build walls, and camp steadily, and then slowly trap the other side. Although the tactics were simple, they were extremely effective

the same is true for enterprise development. If we continue to pay attention to the accumulation of our own core competitiveness, we can often win the last laugh in the fierce market competition. "If China wants to become a manufacturing power, I have an analogy, that is, there are still '10% of the technical problems to be solved; just like climbing Mount Everest, it has climbed the height of 8000 meters and has a sprint journey of more than 800 meters. At this stage, every step is difficult. If there is no endurance, no physical strength, and eager for quick success and instant benefit, all previous achievements will be wasted." A few days ago, chairman Wang Min's words in an exclusive interview with Xinhua just confirmed this point

"each generation has its own long march, and each generation should take its own long march". Half of the ambition is patience. From the traditional single military and agricultural equipment to today's 14 major products, XCMG's path of industrial technology development relies on "one track spirit, one passion and one soberness"

the construction machinery market in the future will eventually face a reshuffle. What awaits us in the front of the industry is a close fight, which will aggravate the competition for oil leakage. In the face of such a road without shortcuts, we should be more careful not to be impetuous, maintain strategic concentration with enough patience, follow market rules, settle down to do more solid and in place on basic elements such as product technology, and build a pragmatic foundation with "connotative" growth. Then no matter what UPS and downs we have experienced, we will finally polish the background of world-class brands from China on the long march of high-quality development

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