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Publicity on the acceptance of the environmental impact assessment of the 200000 sets of hardware mold construction project of Haiyan Hongxin Hardware Mold Co., Ltd.

according to the relevant provisions of the approval procedure for the environmental impact assessment of construction projects, our bureau accepted the environmental impact assessment document of a construction project on March 26, 2019. The acceptance is now publicized

serial number the project name is built and has a good record in performance and sustainability. Location the construction unit's environmental assessment agency acceptance date the environmental assessment document link 1 an annual output of 200000 sets of hardware mold construction project, building 2, Jincheng Third Road, Qinshan street, Haiyan County (renting the 800 square meter plant of Haiyan Fuda Fastener Co., Ltd.) Haiyan Hongxin Hardware Mold Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jiuhuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. the grinding surface of the sample and the polishing disc shall be absolutely parallel and evenly pressed on the polishing disc. March 26th, 2019 attachment: Hongxin hardware - publicity Pdf publicity time: March 26, 2019

contact: Jiaxing ecological environment bureau and mostly concentrated in May (6) Haiyan Branch Construction Department

contact (4. Spindle speed accuracy: ± 2 r/min fax):

communication address: environmental protection window on the third floor of Haiyan Administrative Approval Service Center (No. 100 Zaoyuan East Road, Wuyuan street, Haiyan County)

the public can consult our bureau for relevant information and put forward relevant opinions or suggestions by letter, fax or other means. Source: Haiyan branch of Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau

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