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There are many fake green food labels in Haikou market

eating duck eggs may lead to Sudan red, eating fish may lead to malachite green, eating vegetables may lead to pesticide residues... Therefore, many consumers begin to pay attention to green food. Nowadays, as long as you walk casually in the market, consumers will find that many fruits and vegetables have labels such as "green food" and "green pollution-free food" on their skins or outer packages. Entering the supermarket, many food packages are printed with the "green food" logo. But these various labels made Aunt Zhang difficult: "which is the real green and pollution-free food?" According to the situation reflected by Aunt Zhang, an investigation was conducted on Haikou green food market

"green" labels vary

in the investigation of some farmers' markets and supermarkets in Haikou, it is found that such a problem: the same label is green food, but there are as many as fiveorsix kinds of labels on the package: "green food", "green pollution-free food", "pure natural green food", and so on. Various labels make consumers unable to choose. Which is the real green food? It is also a green food, but it has different labels. Is it fake

"those are fake. Only Martens said that the real green food logo:" sometimes the source of recycled materials is also a big problem. " The relevant person in charge of the green food office of the Provincial Department of agriculture told that green food refers to safe, high-quality and nutritious food that has been recognized by specialized agencies and is licensed to use green food signs and is pollution-free. The outer package of all green food is printed with a green trademark composed of sun, leaves and buds, and is marked with the words "the green food logo is licensed by the China Green Food Development Center". In addition to the printed content on the packaging label, there is also a uniformly printed anti-counterfeiting label. The number on the label should be consistent with the number on the product packaging label. Consumers can log in to China green food station for inquiry

it is understood that since November 1 this year, the quality and safety law of agricultural products has been officially implemented. Enterprises and individuals who forge "organic, green" and other food certification will be punished by 100000 yuan from the perspective of function. Generally speaking, the experimental machine is composed of measurement, transmission, operation control, display and printing

expiration of the mark is also called "green"

although many green foods are under the banner of "green food", the certification has already expired, and the phenomenon of "extended service" of green food is still quite common

in a supermarket on haixiu Road, Haikou, you can see goods marked with green food everywhere, but after careful identification, you find that the labels of some brands have expired. In front of the pickle cabinet, the packaging bag of a brand of pickled mustard is printed with the word "green food", but from the bar code, the registration date of the logo is November, 2002, and according to relevant regulations, the validity of the green food logo is 3 years. The registration date of the logo of a well-known brand of high calcium and low-fat milk is August, 2003. According to the regulations, the green food logo of the milk can only be used until August, 2006. However, looking carefully at the production date of the milk, it is October, 2006, which is obviously also "extended service"

other commodities such as green plum, beef slices and tea also have such problems

the relevant person in charge of the green food office of the Provincial Department of Agriculture said that according to relevant national regulations, the service life of the green food logo is 3 years, and businesses need to re apply for registration after registering the green food logo for 3 years. The green food mark that has been used for more than 3 years is invalid. It is an infringement on the rights and interests of consumers that businesses do not declare again after the expiration of the green food logo of their products, but continue to use the old logo

is there any guarantee for the quality of the expired logo

the relevant person in charge of the green food office of the Provincial Department of agriculture stressed that the expiration of the mark means that the product has violated the requirements for the use of green food in the green food industry, and strictly speaking, it has no right to use the mark again. However, some enterprises may continue to use old packaging for cost savings. This phenomenon of using packaging with expired certification does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with product quality, However, it does not rule out the possibility that the product will no longer meet the standard

it is understood that the approval process of the "green food mark" is to inspect the products from the land to the table. The inspection agency should produce the monitoring report of the designated department, and then the China Green Food Development Center will conduct the final approval. The approved enterprises will also accept the annual inspection of their bases, environment and products by the designated department once a year. Therefore, as long as the number of the "green food mark" of the product is within the service life and the production date of the product is within this period, consumers can trust the quality and safety of the product

to identify whether the green food mark is expired, you can look at the mark number. If the approval year is 3 years ago, it is an invalid mark. For example, for a commodity with a green food number of lb-a, "LB" is the green food mark code, 33 represents the category of green food, 0308 represents the starting month and year of the mark, 05 represents the region, and the last five digits represent the food category

in other words, the green food mark has been used for this commodity since August, 2003, and the service life of this number is only 3 years, that is, the green food mark is used for this commodity until August, 2006. If the production date on the commodity package is November, 2006, and the green food mark is still used, then it is "extended service"

people concerned reminded that when buying green food, consumers should carefully check the logo and number of green food to avoid buying fake and expired "green food"

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