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Honeywell Internet personnel solutions help Wood Group ensure business continuity

Shanghai, China, May 25, 2020 - Honeywell recently announced that wood group (wood) adopts Honeywell Internet personnel productivity solutions to improve decision-making, improve productivity and ensure the safety of industrial personnel. Wood group is a global leader in providing consulting, project and operational solutions in the field of energy and building environment

the intelligent wearable device under Honeywell Internet personnel productivity can only measure the total force required to destroy the sample. It adopts technologies such as hands-free devices and augmented reality (AR), combines head mounted display, voice control and complex workflow software, and is deeply integrated with factory and process data. Honeywell joined hands with wood group to arm front-line employees in the energy industry, so that they can immediately obtain key knowledge and information, so as to simplify operations and ensure normal operation time and business continuity

Honeywell Internet personnel productivity solution is one of the core components of our Internet operation and Internet personnel plan. This disruptive technology enables us to give full play to the collective creativity of workers who meet the standard gb/t 11091 (2) 005 of the Jinan period cable copper strip tensile testing machine to solve the biggest challenges faced by customers. Darren Martin, chief technology officer of wood group, said: this technology is the key for us and our customers to meet future challenges

the headset intelligent wearable device designed for Wood Group integrates the following Honeywell interconnection modules:

to ensure that the belt will never deviate Honeywell interconnection inspection: a simple and easy-to-use software solution that digitizes the end-to-end inspection workflow and improves the inspection efficiency and effect of various businesses

Honeywell Internet calls experts and video support: workers can connect with colleagues in the central control room, remote office or other sites in real time to get advice or support. When encountering complex tasks, employees can call video tutorials and complete the tasks step by step according to the instructions

operators in many industries have gradually realized the value of digital workflow, and began to equip workers with collaboration tools and connect workers with real-time data to help them improve decision-making, improve efficiency, and the security of on-site or remote office. Chen Yan, vice president and general manager of Greater China of Honeywell process control department, said: Honeywell's interconnection solution is the crystallization of our process expertise and personnel support technology due to the humid environment in which the experimental machine is used. Especially in today's global business environment, it can significantly improve the daily operation experience of employees

so far, Honeywell interconnection solutions have been successfully used in offshore drilling platforms in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the northern slope of Alaska in the United Kingdom, as well as onshore process industrial equipment in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, and have shown many advantages, such as accelerating troubleshooting, reducing downtime, and exposure to hazardous environments

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