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Honeywell completed the acquisition of first technology company

recently, H roller stripping experiment oneywell announced that it would unconditionally acquire all the issued capital stock of first technology company, thereby determining Honeywell's control over first technology

at present, first technology has three major businesses in the world, namely, gas sensing business (sensors and instruments), which is mainly composed of force sensors, servo drivers, accuracy processors of micro assurance equipment, computers and color inkjet printers, automation and special products business, and safety and analysis business. Honeywell will soon begin to integrate the gas sensing business into its automation and control solutions business. This transaction will expand the company's gas detection products and services industry, expand its influence through first technology's distribution network and strong customer relationships, and increase its expertise and efficiency in manufacturing, marketing and services

dave cote, director and CEO of Honeywell, said: "First technology is very suitable for Honeywell. This acquisition has increased the influence of Honeywell in the rapidly developing field of gas detection. We officially entered this field after acquiring Zellweger analytics last year. When using the experimental machine, my operators must use it according to the process specifications of the instructions. The newly established Honeywell analytics business currently includes providing a broader sense of gas for customers in this high growth industry Test and detection solutions. "

at present, Honeywell continues to evaluate the strategic cooperation and efficiency gains between the automation and control solutions business and first technology's self-sustaining and dedicated products. Honeywell is conducting further discussions on the sale of first technology's security and analytics business

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