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Honeywell releases new ultra-thin electrical products

on September 5, 2018, Shanghai, China - Honeywell (NYSE Code: HON), a diversified, high-tech Internet industrial enterprise that is one of the fortune 100, recently announced that its Smart Life Solutions Division has released a new ultra-thin electrical product launched in the Chinese market - Honeywell elegant series. This product has obtained the appearance patent of "ultra-thin design" and the utility model patent of "high-strength bracket". It can fit infinitely with the home space, has rich and complete product functions, and can meet the needs of a complete overall solution for electrical applications. The appearance of four colors, pearl white, youweijin, starry sky grey and matte black, matches the space decoration of different styles

<4. Regularly check the screws in the jaw p> whether it is TV, computer or other electronic products, the pursuit of "ultra-thin" has become a trend of product evolution. It is the inevitable development of technology and industrial chain, and it is also the higher demand of users for products in the process of consumption upgrading. In home decoration, the switch panel is gradually developing into a key product of the overall home decoration design. Therefore, the sense of integration and compatibility between the product and the overall home has become an important factor for users to choose and buy products. Honeywell Ruya series ultra-thin switches are more integrated with home space

although "ultra thin" has developed in full swing in other industries, there has been no major breakthrough in the field of electrical engineering. On the one hand, this is due to the homogenization market status of products. On the other hand, as a durable product, the switch panel has very high requirements for the strength of products, and there are certain technical bottlenecks in making ultra thin products. Honeywell has spent a lot of effort on the R & D and design of this new electrical product. In order to create a "thin" appearance as much as possible, it has developed a "high-strength bracket", which adopts a steel frame structure to ensure that the product is solid and durable. The switch buttons are designed to swing at a small angle to visually enhance the "ultra-thin" effect. In fact, the thinnest part of Honeywell Ruya series switch frame is only 0.2 cm

in order to adapt to more decoration styles, the products provide ordinary protection and maintenance of Pearl White, youweijin and starry sky, which is of great significance to ensure the normal operation and measurement accuracy of the equipment. There are four appearance colors of gray and matte black. The products of the four colors adopt multi-layer painting process, and the surface is UV treated, so the product texture is stronger. Especially in recent years, whether in the tooling or home decoration market, cold color decoration is favored by more users. Star grey and matte black can better match with cold color decoration to create a textured space

Honeywell Ruya series 3 Oscillation angle: ± 0.5 °, ± 1.0 °, ± 3.0 ° electricians have a wide variety of new products. In addition to providing conventional switch and socket products, they also add special products such as environmental controllers to provide users with more choices and bring users a more convenient life through rich function settings. Mr. Ma Rongjun, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Greater China and global high growth region intelligent life solutions division, said: "Honeywell's advantage is not limited to providing users with safe and reliable products. Our advantage is to bring users with an overall and intelligent life solution by integrating Honeywell's technology and resources. The switch socket is the entrance of the intelligent life solution. Users will contact it every day, and Honeywell will continue to improve its user experience."

Honeywell electrician inherits hundreds of years of excellent experience in automation control, adheres to the principles of localization and rapid product development, and constantly introduces new products according to user needs. The products have been applied in 30 regions in a number of landmark buildings such as Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, Shanghai Disneyland, Chongqing national gold center, etc., and have issued relevant support policies with China city alliance, China Aviation City Excellent real estate development enterprises such as Zhongnan land have reached strategic cooperation, which has been widely praised by customers. They have won many honors, such as "2016 top ten brands of CNEEC", "2016 top ten brands of designer design and selection", "2016 top five suppliers of switch panel brands of top 500 Chinese real estate development enterprises", "2018 top ten brands of switch sockets"

Honeywell Ruya series electrical products obtained two patent numbers respectively 9 (ultra thin design patent) 7 (utility model patent of high-strength bracket). After the release of the new product, it will be sold in stores in cities across the country

source of this article: Qian Jia: Luo Shilin_ Nogzs11504

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