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Honeywell comprehensively displayed its technology and products in the refrigeration field and related businesses at the Refrigeration Exhibition

low global warming potential refrigerants and advanced intelligent refrigeration equipment to help China's low-carbon process

Shanghai, China - April 6, 2011 - at the upcoming 22nd China Refrigeration Exhibition, Honeywell, the world's leading supplier of refrigerant products and automation control, for the first time comprehensively demonstrated the refrigeration related systems and solutions of refrigerant products, environmental control products, sensing technology used in the refrigeration industry and safety products of its multiple business departments, comprehensively reflecting its technical strength to reduce environmental impact through the research and development of a new generation of refrigerants and core energy-saving control technology

the increasingly severe environmental and energy challenges have put forward new topics for China's refrigeration industry. How to achieve the best refrigeration effect while reducing process energy consumption and environmental hazards is the biggest challenge facing the refrigeration industry at present, and it is also the goal of the industry to explore tirelessly. As a leading supplier of fluorinated refrigerant products in the world, Honeywell is committed to developing a new generation of innovative products with high performance and low global warming potential (GWP) to replace substances that destroy the ozone layer and cause global warming, so as to meet the increasingly stringent global requirements for environment and energy. It has carried out a complete cycle from cellulose to printing objects

global warming potential (GWP) is used to measure the impact of a gas on global warming. It is a relative scale to compare the gas with carbon dioxide (CO2). The GWP of carbon dioxide is 1. At present, the GWP value of commonly used refrigerants in the market is 1400 (3) the plunger in the oil pump can not work normally, and the performance characteristics of the new generation of hydrofluoroethylene (HFO) products introduced by Honeywell at this Refrigeration Exhibition are similar to those of the most widely used refrigerants and foaming agents, while the GWP value is less than 10. For example, HFO-1234yf is a new refrigerant for the automotive industry jointly launched by Honeywell and DuPont. Its GWP value is 4, which is 97% lower than the GWP value 150 required for automotive air conditioning in the new regulations of the automotive air conditioning system directive implemented by the European Union since 2011. At present, hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant 134a used in automotive air conditioners has a GWP value of 1430

in addition to refrigerant products, Honeywell also made its first cross business appearance at the China Refrigeration Exhibition, showing the company's many refrigeration related systems and solutions, such as its cutting-edge environmental control products painted with red markers, sensing technology and safety products for the refrigeration industry

China is a large country of energy consumption, in which building energy consumption accounts for more than 27% of the total energy consumption, and building energy conservation is very important. At this Refrigeration Exhibition, Honeywell environmental automation department showed advanced building control systems and products, air filtration and purification systems, various temperature controllers and electric valves. For example, UB series independent controllers, which are widely used in HVAC systems, have built-in a variety of economical energy-saving control schemes to ensure comfort while enjoying energy-saving benefits. Honeywell kombi-8 series pressure independent linear temperature regulating valve can realize linear accurate control of temperature according to the thermal output characteristics of terminal equipment, so that the air conditioning water system always operates in the most energy-saving way. In addition, Honeywell ultra-thin low-noise full heat fresh air exchanger and air-conditioning box filter based on Photocatalyst technology also made their debut in the Chinese market through this Refrigeration Exhibition. The former uses brushless DC motor and bypass function to achieve high efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, ultra-thin design makes it light and easy to maintain, which is suitable for high-end villas, residences, apartments and small commercial buildings in China; The latter uses patented photocatalyst materials, integrates the ultraviolet sterilization function, and upgrades the single air filtration technology to an air purification scheme integrating filtration, sterilization and pollutant decomposition

Honeywell sensing and control department brings safe, accurate and reliable customized sensing solutions, which can not only detect various physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, pressure and flow, but also reduce installation and maintenance costs for customers and prolong the service life of the system. Honeywell life safety department showed high-precision toxic, harmful or flammable gas detection products and related solutions suitable for the cold chain environment. These products have been widely used by cold storage, cold drink manufacturers, etc

"more than half of Honeywell's products are related to energy conservation. We are committed to promoting the introduction of products with higher energy efficiency and more environmental protection requirements through scientific and technological innovation." Mr. mohaocheng, general manager of Honeywell fluorochemicals Asia Pacific, said, "combined with our long-term successful experience in the refrigeration field, we will unremittingly help our customers achieve success with technologies and solutions suitable for China's refrigeration industry through our R & D team and manufacturing capacity in China, and promote China from a 'refrigeration power' to a 'refrigeration power'."

from refrigeration materials to refrigeration equipment and surrounding derivatives, from industrial refrigeration to home heating and ventilation, Honeywell's all-round appearance at this Refrigeration Exhibition not only shows the depth of its R & D and innovation in the refrigeration field, but also shows the span of its technology and products in the refrigeration industry chain, which fully reflects that Honeywell provides all-round solutions for different markets and different needs, Our deep strength to help our customers achieve both refrigeration effect and environmental protection and energy efficiency

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