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Honeywell joins hands with aereon to build the industrial IOT system

according to Penn energy, the New Jersey enterprise Honeywell (Honeywell, the American Engineering Technology Service Provider) is cooperating with aereon (the American combustion system, ignition system, steam recovery technology service provider) to upgrade the industrial IOT (iiot)

this cooperation is expected to greatly strengthen Honeywell's iiot ecosystem, so that the joint factory system and other plans can better help manufacturing enterprises improve industrial efficiency and safety

Aereon, headquartered in Austin, Texas, provides a professional system for many oil and gas companies to deliver natural gas from oil wells to gas stations

honeywell commented that aereon's professional services can solve common operational problems in the energy industry, such as inefficient supply chain, unexpected machine failures, non-performing assets, and so on

honeywell's strengths in data enhancement, network security and software development, coupled with the understanding of industrial market by partners including aereon, can help many companies solve headache problems. Andrew Hird, vice president and general manager of Honeywell's industrial automation and control solutions - digital conversion department, said: in the second half of 2018, the channel library will use this to reduce costs Improve the effectiveness of transactions and continue to rise, such as accidental machine failure, production maximization, enterprise compliance, security upgrading and supply chain optimization strategies

aereon has a strong iiot knowledge reserve and is applied to Honeywell's iiot ecosystem

aereon's signature advantage is that it has all kinds of combustion and steam recovery products designed, manufactured and locally assembled by internal experts. 1. What are the advantages of rubber fatigue testing machine? Mark zyskowski, aereon's global senior vice president, introduced

honeywell is focusing on using its iiot ecosystem to build a more secure user-friendly infrastructure for data collection and analysis

industry analysts have repeatedly emphasized the huge potential of iiot market. According to the research and survey of General Electric (GE), it is estimated that this market will contribute $10-15 trillion of GDP to the world in 20 years

the survey also found that although iiot has great potential, many manufacturing enterprises still lack joint technology integration schemes and are relatively backward

a study pointed out that 70% of the surveyed companies are only in the stage of iiot technology 1. Arc height - the vertical distance between the connecting line between the two supporting points of the leaf spring and the concave surface of the * piece is large; Only 30% of them have really started to implement. (translated by Zhang Xinhui)

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