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Honeywell: IOT will subvert traditional industry, and "combination of software and hardware" is the core competitiveness

Honeywell believes that the realization of H) process: the experimental process, measurement, display and analysis are all completed by computers; The application of Lianhe in the industrial field will not only enable intelligent interaction of data flow, hardware and software, but also fundamentally subvert the traditional industrial model and form a new industrial format. The combination of software and hardware will be the core competitiveness of future industrial enterprises in this new wave of technological revolution

Shanghai, August 26, 2016 - the invention of steam engine, the use of electricity and the advent of computer have promoted three industrial revolutions in human history respectively. At present, with the maturing of sensor technology, the rapid development of mobile Internet and the increasing popularity of broadband networks, the era of Internet industrialization and the interconnection of everything has come. As an interconnected industrial enterprise with a hundred years of innovation history and many software and hardware technologies, Honeywell (NYSE Code: HON) believes that the application of IOT in the industrial field will not only enable the intelligent interaction of data flow, hardware and software, but also fundamentally subvert the traditional industrial model and form a new industrial format, and the combination of software and hardware will be the core competitiveness of future industrial enterprises to stand out in this new wave of technological revolution

Internet subverts the business model

according to the research and prediction of Gartner, there are about 5billion products and devices that can connect wireless networks in the world, not including computers. By 2020, this figure is expected to reach 21billion. The massive data generated by these interconnected products has given birth to a new mode of industrial enterprises in the future: production services. For a long time, traditional industries have focused on how to manufacture products. In a sense, the sale of products means the end, but in the future, after the products are sold, it is the real beginning -- manufacturers understand the use of products based on the data generated when they are used by end users, provide follow-up operation and maintenance, and develop other services based on user information

Chen Yan, vice president and general manager of Greater China of Honeywell process control department, said: if future manufacturing enterprises still focus on producing products, do not take positive measures to build IOT platforms, and cannot make good use of the data generated by these products and play a role for a long time in the service life of plastics, they will miss a valuable opportunity to create greater value for customers

interconnection opens infinite possibilities

the all-round integrated secure industrial IOT solution can provide one-stop services for industrial enterprises. It can not only realize the intelligent interconnection of equipment and assets, data management and on-site control, but also realize big data analysis and intelligent collaboration, and greatly improve productivity. This is due to the construction of IOT and big data platforms - using unified platform collaboration standards to develop software and applications, while collecting, sorting and analyzing relevant data of various products, so as to quickly and cost effectively upgrade products or develop new functions and services based on the platform. Individual products are interconnected through the platform, forming a 1+1 2 effect

in addition, the emergence of IOT and big data platforms has made workers increasingly integrate into Internet platforms. For example, in the future interconnected factory, the portable equipment of operators can interact with the command center in real time for information and data, and participate in the monitoring and control of the whole plant in real time and quickly

Chen Yan of Honeywell process control department said: the process of traditional manufacturing industry is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the industrial facilities and operation processes are becoming more and more complex. According to the classification of varieties, the application of IOT in the industrial field in the future should not only focus on helping to improve production efficiency, but also pay attention to the safety and reliability of the process. In addition, IOT will also bring a new work experience to factory managers and workers, and the boundary between blue-collar and white-collar workers will become increasingly blurred in the future

Internet changes talent structure

any change is ultimately human change. Accordingly, the profound changes brought about by IOT in the industrial field are also reflected in the transformation of its talent structure. IOT has brought Internet thinking to industry, and the demand for it talents has increased sharply. Jobs with little or no it demand before will also increase the demand for it talents. For example, machine operators in traditional industries will not only provide manual and technical work, but also need the ability to interact with intelligent devices

Shenyan, Honeywell's director of human resources in China, said that IOT has an increasing demand for industrial data engineers, robot coordinators, industrial IOT solution architects, industrial computer programmers, industrial user interface experience designers and other types of work, and the talent structure will be very different from traditional industries

the combination of software and hardware achieves core competitiveness

at present, the trend of two-way integration between industry and Internet is becoming increasingly significant. A large number of Internet enterprises have entered the industrial field on a large scale, and many industrial enterprises are also actively embracing Internet. Xu yepeng, senior industry manager of Honeywell safety and productivity solutions group, pointed out that compared with Internet enterprises that are good at software and platform, traditional industrial enterprises have rich product accumulation, industry experience, process knowledge, extensive user base and in-depth technical support

at the same time, the application of IOT in the industrial field will not only help improve efficiency, but also pay more attention to safety. Efficiency and safety complement each other. With the rise of the concept of secure IOT based on real-time detection and fast network transmission, enterprises can provide operators with wearable Internet equipment to sense the status of operators in real time. While ensuring operation safety, they can also effectively evaluate and improve operation performance and improve operation efficiency, Xu yepeng pointed out

in the era of Internet of things, IOT not only poses new challenges to traditional industries, but also brings new opportunities. The combination of software and hardware, efficiency and safety will achieve the core competitiveness of future industrial enterprises and help enterprises become leaders of a new round of industrial revolution

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