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Honeywell Experion Orion console system significantly improves plant safety and efficiency

Experion Orion console realizes industrial IOT connection performance

it is also suitable for new construction and upgrading. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that the ability of independent innovation is low The process control department of Honeywell (NYSE: HON) recently announced that its highly acclaimed exper fatigue tester with the world's most advanced operation interface works according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance. Ion Orion consoles have been sold more than 130 sets worldwide. It helps factories be safer by improving the experience of control rooms and improving operator efficiency Operate more efficiently

Pieter krynauw, vice president of project and automation solutions business of Honeywell process control department, said: "No corrosive media; if factory owners want to maximize the efficiency of the control room, they need an intuitive and effective solution that can help their operating devices achieve maximum output even under abnormal conditions. And our Experion Orion console, which integrates innovative software and world-class design, is reshaping the customer's control room experience."

since Honeywell introduced the tdc2000 controller in the early 1970s, industrial control rooms rely on more and more displays and systems to manage the same continuously upgraded set of technologies. The scale and number of operating devices are also growing to meet the growing demand of consumers for products. Almost two years ago, Honeywell introduced the latest technology of industrial control room - Experion Orion console. Soon after, factories in different industries such as oil refining, petrochemical, mining, oil and gas, paper and pulp began to adopt this technology

cajati chemical plant of ICL Brazil, located near Sao Paulo, Brazil, is one of the first plants to adopt the Experion Orion console

arnaldo DIAS Jr., industrial manager of ICL Brazil, said: "in the past 30 years, cajati factory has been one of the important reasons for the success of our company. As a major producer of phosphoric acid, this upgrade is exactly what we need, which will undoubtedly help us improve our industry competitiveness and leading position."

Honeywell process control department can no longer wait and see the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in important manufacturing and production bases around the world. Angola, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Kuwait, South Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States have similar projects under way

the establishment of the Experion Orion console is based on Honeywell's flagship Experion process knowledge system (PKS) control platform, with industrial IOT connection performance and optimized ergonomic design, so as to improve the efficiency of operators. Its flexible ultra-high definition display can simplify the management of the control system, reduce the fatigue of operators, and enhance situational awareness. In addition, the console can display and use all plant data in a more meaningful way through a single interaction point

the design inspiration of the Experion Orion console comes from the large amount of feedback obtained after visiting the operators in the control rooms of old and new factories in different industries around the world. The software and hardware design and functions are not only the embodiment of the daily behavior observation of operators, but also the in-depth analysis and summary of multiple stages of the plant, including the process project startup and abnormal operation. For more information, please visit the experience Orion console

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Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group is the world's leading supplier of characteristic materials, process technology and automation solutions. The group's characteristic materials business specializes in the production of a wide range of high-performance products, such as environmentally friendly refrigerants, and production materials for various end products, including bulletproof vests, nylon, computer chips, and pharmaceutical packaging. The process technology developed by UOP () business of Honeywell characteristic materials and Technology Group has laid the cornerstone of the development of most oil refining enterprises in the world, and helped enterprises efficiently produce gasoline, diesel, coal aviation, petrochemical products and renewable fuels. The group's process control department () is an industry pioneer in providing automatic control systems, instruments and services, serving the oil and gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, power generation, chemical and petrochemical, biofuels, life sciences, as well as the metal, mining and mining industries

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