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Honeywell's "science and engineering excellence program" continues to promote in China

Shanghai, October 26, 2012 -- Professor Theodor W. Hansch, one of the world's most outstanding scientists in theory and application in the field of Optics and the winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in physics, accepted Honeywell's invitation to carry out a two-day speech and exchange activity at Shanghai Jiaotong University through face-to-face interaction, Share with Jiaotong University students the charm of science and his major discoveries in the pursuit of accurate experimental measurement

on October 25, Professor Hansch first came to Zhiyuan College of Jiaotong University to talk with students about his experience and feelings of doing research in the field of Optics and winning the Nobel Prize in physics. In the afternoon, as a special guest of the master forum of Shanghai Jiaotong University, he gave a speech entitled "precision ignites passion" to more than 500 students, explaining the importance of experimental physics research, And the seemingly small difference between theory and experiment may lead to a major conceptual breakthrough. On October 26, Professor Hansch also gave a class on laser frequency comb: from atom to universe to graduate students in the Department of physics of Shanghai Jiaotong University

this is the third time Honeywell and Nobel laureates have entered the campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and it also marks the continuous promotion of Honeywell initiative for science and Engineering in China. The program cooperates with 12 top universities in China, the United States, Switzerland, India, the Czech Republic and Mexico to closely connect teaching and industry application through activities such as campus lectures of Nobel Prize winners, special innovation scholarships and courses created by Honeywell for engineering students, so as to create opportunities for students to communicate closely with top technical experts in industry and Nobel Laureates in physics and chemistry, So as to inspire and train future scientists and engineers

Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the two Chinese universities invited to participate in the program. In November last year, Honeywell's excellent science and engineering program officially entered the steel door. There are 17 parts in the door. Professor Claude Cohen Tannoudji, the world's outstanding scholar of stiffness and molecular physics and the 1997 Nobel Prize winner in physics, brought a brilliant speech to teachers and students

shanghaijiaotonguniversity aims to cultivate top-notch innovative talents, build scientific masters and industry leaders, and stimulate students' scientific spirit and innovative thinking. Zhangwenjun, vice president of shanghaijiaotonguniversity, said that he is happy to cooperate with Honeywell to bring the world's most cutting-edge science into the campus, so that students can get close contact with Nobel laureates and cultivate their interest in pursuing excellence in the field of science. This activity connects famous scientists with the cultivation of young talents, which is of far-reaching significance. Zhang Wenjun stressed that the internationalization strategy is an important measure for shanghaijiaotonguniversity to build a world-class university. He hoped that through such cooperation, students' international vision would be further expanded to break the automatic shutdown and the international influence of Chinese universities

Mr. shengweili, President and CEO of Honeywell China, said: we are very happy to join hands with Nobel laureates to enter the campus of Jiaotong University again, providing future scientists and engineers with the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with contemporary masters. We hope that through Honeywell's science and engineering excellence program, a unique global project, we can contribute to colleges and universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University in broadening students' horizons, cultivating scientific interests and exploring spirit. China has become a crucial strategic market and R & D and production base for Honeywell's global development. Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of Honeywell's most important cooperative universities in China. As one of the top universities with the longest history in China, Shanghai Jiaotong University has a deep tradition of running schools, a strong academic atmosphere, and strong R & D strength in the field of natural science. I believe that the strong cooperation between our two sides will promote scientific and technological innovation and the cultivation of Chinese outstanding talents

as a fortune 100 enterprise rooted in China, Honeywell has always attached great importance to fulfilling the corporate society in addition to its own business development, supported China's science and mathematics education, and actively carried out academic exchanges, scientific research, talent training and other cooperation with Chinese universities. Among them, Honeywell has not only carried out R & D cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University in automation, environmental protection, physics, chemistry and many other fields and achieved fruitful results, but also participated in talent training programs to provide scholarships and internships for outstanding students. From, a total of 126 shanghaijiaotonguniversity students participated in Honeywell's internship program

Professor Theodor W. Hansch, together with Roy J. Glauber and John L. hall, won the 2005 Nobel Prize in physics for his outstanding contributions to the development of laser based precision spectroscopy. Professor Hansch's recent achievement is to take the lead in using the revolutionary frequency comb technology to measure the frequency of ultrashort pulse light. In the field of quantum physics of neutral cold atoms, Hansch and his colleagues realized the first two-dimensional and three-dimensional atomic lattice binding with light

Professor Theodor W. Hansch was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1941. He currently teaches experimental physics at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, and serves as a director of the Institute of quantum optics of the Max Planck Society in galchen, Germany

about Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China. It is a national key university directly under the Ministry of education and jointly built by the Ministry of education and Shanghai. It is the first batch of Universities under the national seventh and eighth five year plan key construction and 211 and 985 projects. After 116 years of unremitting efforts, Shanghai Jiaotong University has become a comprehensive, research-oriented, international first-class domestic and internationally renowned university, and is steadily moving forward to a world-class university. For more school information, please visit Shanghai Jiaotong University Station

about Honeywell

Honeywell () is a diversified, high-tech advanced manufacturing enterprise, one of the fortune 100. In the world, its business involves aviation products and services, building, home and industrial control technology, turbocharger and characteristic materials. Honeywell's history in China can be traced back to 1935. At that time, Honeywell opened its first Distribution Agency in Shanghai. At present, Honeywell's four business groups have all settled in China, and the Asia Pacific headquarters of all its business departments have also been moved to China, with many branches and joint ventures in 20 cities in China. Honeywell electro-hydraulic proportional control material testing machine and electronic energy digging testing machine now employ about 12000 people in China. For more company information, please visit Honeywell

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