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Honeywell intelligent technology helps Sinorgchem build a smart factory

Honeywell intelligent technology helps Sinorgchem build a smart factory

July 4, 2019

on June 27, Sinorgchem International's Sinorgchem and Honeywell held a media communication meeting on "digital transformation of fine chemicals and improving the sustainable competitiveness of enterprises" in Sinorgchem Anhui Tongling factory. With the completion of automation transformation and the successful deployment of Honeywell intelligent production management execution system (MES) phase I project, Anhui Sinorgchem factory has been able to obtain more production and operation data, realizing the improvement of "production intelligence"

figure: from left to right, Li Shiwu, general manager of Sinochem Anhui, Su Fu, deputy general manager of Sinochem International and CEO of Sinochem, Liu Hongsheng, general manager of Sinochem International and chairman of Sinochem, Yu Feng, President of Honeywell China, Chen Yan, general manager of Greater China of Honeywell process control Department, and Huang Zhiming, vice president of Honeywell China business development, "Sinorgchem MES system phase I project" was launched in Sinorgchem Anhui, and the project was successfully implemented in November, 2018. As a two-step pilot construction project of chemical integration, through the deployment of Honeywell intelligent production management execution system, Anhui Sinorgchem has not only achieved efficient production operation management and intelligent production, but also comprehensively improved its excellent operation and profitability

organize and implement innovative projects such as intelligent ships, ultra deep water drilling platforms, marine low-speed machines, etc. according to the requirements of Sinorgchem information construction, Honeywell provided a complete set of manufacturing execution system solutions for its Tongling plant. This scheme can collect the distributed control system (DCS) data of the whole plant in real time, integrate the weighbridge data, SAP data, packaging production data and quality data, establish the data center and unified information release platform of the whole plant, and dynamically display the process flow control, quality inspection data, production operation, production order completion and inventory of the whole plant in real time. At the same time, Honeywell intelligent production management execution system also connects SAP with production control system to realize the unification of complete operation process

"China rubber" magazine experienced its efficient production operation management and intelligent production system in Anhui Sinorgchem factory

at the entry and exit operation points, the entry and exit operation tasks of Sinorgchem are automatically generated according to the purchase and sales arrangements, the large screen displays the operation status in real time, the weighbridge is unattended, the system automatically recognizes the license plate number, self-service weighing, the quality inspection task is automatically triggered, the PDA realizes electronic signature, and the entry and exit operation is self-service in one go

at the operation point of entering and leaving the warehouse, the warehouse automatically accepts the delivery task according to the sales arrangement. The operation is arranged to submit the report on a large screen and watch the screen all the way. PDA automatically scans the code, picks and confirms the loading, and supports the electronic signature of the outbound driver. The whole business process of packaging product delivery has been automated and transparent

the packaging line of finished products automatically generates packaging tasks according to production orders; Large screen display of order completion status and real-time update; Additional scanning system, automatic counting; Handheld PDA self-service "inspection"; The order is automatically confirmed, reported and warehoused after completion

in the central control room, process indicators, abnormal early warning, key production performance, key equipment operation status, and energy consumption are all monitored in real time; Several large screens are like sharp eyes, watching every move of factory production in real time, and a digitalized and transparent factory is clear at a glance. The central control room was completed and put into use in May 2017, which facilitates the communication between devices and the management of managers. If a set of devices is abnormal, the relevant devices can quickly know and take countermeasures in time

"we implement the intelligent production management execution system project, not to show people, but to create real value with the attitude of being responsible to shareholders. After the MES went online, Anhui Shengao factory has all realized automatic information collection. In the past, the state of manually collecting data has become history, and copying 'watch' brother and 'watch' sister have all been 'laid off'." Su Fu, deputy general manager of Sinochem International and CEO of Sinorgchem, introduced to China rubber that after the system was put into operation, Anhui Sinorgchem realized the automation of material entry and exit operations, with the quality inspection efficiency increased by 30%, the inventory efficiency increased by 78%, and the labor cost for statistics decreased by more than 60%

"Honeywell intelligent production management execution system not only helps Anhui Sinorgchem standardize production operations, simplify production management processes, and improve enterprise management efficiency, but also improves the collaborative operation ability between departments and posts, ensuring the smooth implementation of the pilot project of Sinorgchem intelligent factory informatization construction." Su Fu said that comprehensively improving "production intelligence" is the core goal of Sinorgchem's "smart factory". In the process of data transmission, it will further improve the visualization and standardization of business processes, achieve efficiency optimization, continue to promote technological progress and innovative development of enterprises with the help of digitalization, and ultimately create greater value for customers

it is understood that Sinorgchem currently has the same internal management system, standards, processes, etc. in the three major production bases in China. In March this year, the phase II project of MES system in Tai'an Sinorgchem and Shandong Sinorgchem was launched, and it is planned to be launched in August and October respectively

general manager of Sinochem International Liuhongsheng, chairman of Sinorgchem, said: "The report of the 19th CPC National Congress clearly points out that China is accelerating the construction of a 'manufacturing power', accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and promoting the deep integration of interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. Sinochem International adheres to the core value concept of 'science first' of Sinochem Group. We are happy to work with Honeywell in the field of fine chemicals to continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the transformation process of digital chemical plants."

Sinorgchem is a subordinate member enterprise of Sinochem International and a world leading comprehensive service provider of polymer additives. Sinorgchem takes building "refined management and control capabilities and green manufacturing capabilities" as its work orientation, and takes information construction as an important support for management upgrading and strategic leap. In recent years, Sinorgchem has actively implemented the integration of the two, continued to increase investment in information construction, focused on promoting the application of advanced concepts and technologies such as big data, IOT and intelligent manufacturing, and strengthened the competitive advantage of enterprises in the context of the information age, We are committed to becoming a model of "smart factory" for fine chemical enterprises

Sinorgchem Anhui is the third largest production base under Sinorgchem. With its outstanding achievements in information construction, it was selected into the list of enterprises in the 2017 pilot implementation of the integration of industrialization and industrialization management system by the Ministry of industry and information technology

Yu Feng, President of Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd., said: "At the first China International Fair in November 2018, Honeywell signed a cooperation agreement with the chemical industry division of Sinochem Group to help the digital transformation of fine chemicals in China. It is a great honor for us to show some of the results of our cooperation today. As a global high-tech enterprise, Honeywell continues to improve its level of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, and actively supports the expansion of 'smart +' proposed in the 2019 Chinese government report to transform the manufacturing industry Upgrade empowerment. "

Chen Yan, general manager of Greater China of Honeywell process control department, said: "Based on the characteristics of China's chemical industry, Honeywell intelligent production management execution system is committed to helping enterprises realize the digitalization, automation and intellectualization of production process management and the lean and information of production management on the same platform. At the same time," supply side "reform and spontaneous supply contraction of the industry are expected to accelerate the clearing, transparency and intellectualization of traditional production capacity. I am glad that we continue to deepen cooperation with Sinorgchem to lead Digital transformation and intelligent production transformation of the mobile process industry. "

with the deepening of practice, quantitative indicators of production, equipment, safety, quality and personnel will be further explored through data empowerment. Both parties are trying to restore every key element of factory production management from the perspective of data, and based on this, they are mining room for improvement, further improving the market competitiveness of enterprises, and are committed to building Sinorgchem into a model of smart factory for fine chemical enterprises

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