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Honeywell's high-strength fiber sling "lifts heavy as light"

Honeywell announced on January 11 that its high-strength spectrum fiber will be used as a key component of industrial slings to lift the reconstructed pier of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge in the United States. The project will be completed in 2013, when the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is expected to become the world's largest self anchored suspension bridge with microcomputer closed-loop control

spectrum fiber is made of patented gel spinning process and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Its strength is 15 times that of steel cable. It is extremely light and has high strength. It has excellent flexural fatigue resistance and high export proportion to emerging countries. It will also greatly improve vibration damping and internal fiber friction resistance. Under the same rated load, the sling made of spectrum fiber can be more than 80% lighter than the traditional wire rope, which can ensure that the crane can lift more payload. This kind of sling has been widely used in lifting offshore oil and gas facilities construction projects and deep-water recovery operations. Because the quality of the sensor determines the accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine, heavy equipment and materials

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