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Honeywell's four sets of advanced technical solutions helped C919 soar to the sky

on May 5, Honeywell warmly congratulated the first successful flight test of C919 large passenger aircraft developed by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC)

carrying a series of innovative technologies from Honeywell, C919 is the first large narrow body airliner independently developed by China, which is of epoch-making significance. Honeywell has provided four sets of advanced technical solutions for C919 to help it improve safety, reliability and operational efficiency

Steven lien, President of Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific, said: the successful first flight of C919 is not only an important milestone in the development of COMAC, but also will be recorded in the history of aviation development in China and even the world. The successful maiden flight of the first self-developed large aircraft has made China's dream of soaring in the sky take off and grow. We are honored to contribute to the first flight of C919. For a long time, Honeywell has been working hard to help China's aviation industry improve its competitiveness in the global market. Facing the future, we also look forward to strengthening cooperation with COMAC and making greater contributions to long-range wide body aircraft and more projects

c919 aims to create a safer, more economical, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly model. As one of the important international suppliers of COMAC, Honeywell has provided four sets of advanced technical solutions and comprehensive supporting services for C919, including auxiliary power system, wheel and brake, flight control work package and navigation work package. With these advanced technical solutions, Honeywell cooperates with COMAC to bring more efficient, safe and comfortable flight experience to C919 customers, pilots and passengers

Honeywell has been cooperating with COMAC for a long time. As early as the beginning of this century, we cooperated sincerely with the predecessor of COMAC in the ARJ21 regional aircraft project. Since its establishment in 2008, COMAC has further deepened its cooperation with Honeywell, and both sides are jointly committed to the design and R & D of C919. In order to better support COMAC, Honeywell now has more than 500 local engineers in China, most of whom have provided support for the C919 project. In addition, hundreds of employees from Honeywell's 20 factories in Asia, North America and Europe also participated in the C919 project. Two joint ventures established by Honeywell in China, Honeywell Boyun aviation system (Hunan) Co., Ltd. and Hongxiang flight control technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd., provide carbon brake and fly by wire flight control solutions for C919 respectively

in 2009, Honeywell established the China Aviation Institute in Shanghai to provide technical training for Chinese aviation enterprises, including COMAC, in order to cultivate talents and leaders in the future aviation field and realize the take-off of China's aviation industry. At the same time, both sides share a common belief and share the same aspiration in giving back to society. Through the Honeywell home construction plan, the two sides work together to provide advanced learning resources and technology for schools in rural areas in Western China

Honeywell's leading technology supports C919 to the skies

auxiliary power system

Honeywell provides C919 with advanced hgt750[c] auxiliary power unit (APU), APU installation package and APU startup power generation system. This set of technical solutions integrates industry-leading scientific and technological achievements and is optimized according to the actual situation of C919, which can effectively reduce flight delays and flight cancellation rates, and maximize the operation performance of C919, thus bringing safe, efficient and low-cost operations to airlines. Derived from the legendary product APU of Honeywell, hgt750[c] APU is specially designed and developed for C919. Worldwide, APU has exceeded 100million hours of safe operation

wheels and brakes

over the past 75 years, Honeywell has taken root in the field of wheels and brakes and accumulated successful development experience. Honeywell's wheel and brake system will effectively extend the service life of C919 and ensure the reliability of products. The carbon brake practical and beautiful car solution is developed by Honeywell's joint venture in Changsha - Boyun aviation system, which can help C919 reduce the overall weight and prolong the aircraft life at the same time

flight control work package

relying on 60 years of professional accumulation and R & D experience in flight control technology, Honeywell provided C919 with an integrated fly by wire flight control system, which is produced by Hongxiang flight control joint venture in Xi'an. This flight control scheme can ensure the C919 to fly more smoothly and provide automatic flight and landing functions. This solution can not only reduce the total weight of C919, but also save energy consumption, making the pilot's driving and control more convenient and safer

navigation work package

based on more than half a century of research and development experience, Honeywell combines atmospheric data with inertial navigation system and its industry-leading system stability and excellent performance, thereby reducing C919 operation and maintenance costs due to the high aesthetic requirements of white goods. This navigation solution provides aircraft manufacturers and operators with highly accurate and reliable navigation information, including speed, altitude and geographical location, which are also applicable to the information of the biomaterial industry. Compared with the previous generation system, the weight of the system is reduced by more than half, and the maintenance cost is reduced by more than 70%

Honeywell cooperates with Chinese enterprises to equip with digital altitude display and adopt decoder for altitude tracking to jointly promote the first flight

Honeywell Boyun aviation system (Hunan) Co., Ltd. - the joint venture was established in Changsha, Hunan Province in 2012, mainly providing carbon braking solutions for the wheels, tires and braking systems of COMAC C919 large passenger aircraft

Hongxiang flight control technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd., established in December 2013, is a joint venture between Honeywell and AVIC Xi'an flight Automation Research Institute. Hongxiang flight control provided fly by wire solutions for C919, and its new plant broke ground in February this year

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