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Honeywell launched MXProLine wire calender quality control system

fast and accurate measurement simplifies decision-making and improves operator efficiency

Phoenix Contact in January, 2007, you should browse the national standards in detail before purchasing. According to the news on the 15th, Honeywell (nyse:hon) has launched mxprolinewirecalender quality control system (QCS), which can enhance the clarity and automatic setting of quality parameters for wire calendering process. MXProLine's measurement speed, accuracy and shape modeling capabilities can help factories achieve greater operational effectiveness, increase production and improve quality

J, head of Honeywell's Web Solutions department, pioneered a new political period. Immolnar said, "MXProLine has set standards for measurement and control systems in rubber, plastic, non-woven and aluminum sheet processing applications. This technology includes unique measurement performance and improved information flow for plant operators, thereby improving plant efficiency."

mxprolinewirecalender system includes advanced signal processing, accurate and fast detection of moving law and operator intuition screen, which can be used to detect rope clarity and other quality defects. The system can also measure the real coating on the line and at the bottom of the line. MXProLine line sensors can detect errors without detecting defects in the final inspection stage

in the processing process, super definition can help detect and correct errors as soon as possible, making it a more economical and effective quality control. Further, accurate measurement and advanced signal processing allow the operator to make quick decisions about the operating parameters of the process that cannot have slip signs, improve production and reduce waste

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