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Anhui Tiyou Wang Zhongwei: to be a forklift assembly plant or a manufacturer

Anhui Tiyou Wang Zhongwei: to be a forklift assembly plant or a manufacturer

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Guide: what president Huang said at the meeting: We can't be a forklift assembly plant, but a forklift manufacturer. It is thought-provoking. With the arrival of the peak domestic sales season after the festival, a new round of price competition is being staged among major engine manufacturers. There are many major problems in this process. When we mention the current situation of domestic forklift industry, we all think of these

president Huang said at the meeting, "we can't be a forklift assembly plant, but a forklift manufacturer." It is thought-provoking

with the arrival of the domestic sales peak season after the festival, a new round of price competition is being staged among major engine manufacturers

when we mention the current situation of the domestic forklift industry, we all think of these words: low quality, homogenization, low price competition...

in fact, there is a causal relationship between these words. Low quality and homogenization will inevitably lead to a price war, and the bottom line of the price will be constantly refreshed, even lower than the cost of procurement, which we call "batch collection", in order to improve sales and occupy the market space of competitors. The price has fallen. In order to reduce the pressure brought by the cost, it is necessary to reduce the allocation and reduce the allocation, which further leads to low quality

this is the result of the unhealthy development of this industry, and it is also the current situation of the operation and management of many manufacturers

some people think that the reason for homogenization is very simple. The entry threshold of the industry is low. The engine, gearbox, front and rear axles are all provided by the same supplier. The forklifts installed by any manufacturer are of similar quality. That's a bad word. If the quality of the assembled products is the same, it can only be regarded as a forklift assembly plant. The catalogue of foreign investment advantageous industries in the central and western regions attaches importance to giving full play to the advantages of local characteristics and resources, and it can't be said to be a manufacturing plant

what is the difference between the mechanical correction device completed by the operator before and the manufacturing of the group? Manufacturing includes assembly, just as an enterprise includes workshops, but an enterprise not only has tangible things such as workshops and workshops, but also intangible things such as management philosophy, management mode, corporate culture, technical force and so on

a manufacturer should not only know how to assemble, but also know why to assemble, how to improve, how to innovate, and how to develop new products

in the eyes of an assembler, he sees forklifts and thinks of bolts, spring washers, wrenches, and cranes... While in the eyes of a manufacturer, he also thinks of a series of data, various curves, management methods... And so on

there are more than 100 forklift enterprises in China, large and small, but they can be counted as manufacturers, and it is estimated that there are no more than 20, or even less

the same drawings are handed over to an assembly plant and a manufacturing plant, and they produce different things. For example, last year, the industry threshold was raised, requiring forklift enterprises to weld their own frames. When you suspect that a frame has quality problems, you often hear such a sentence: "our products are made with molds, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed." However, there are both right and wrong molds. Although the welded frames are similar, the installed cars are very different. The degree of understanding forklift technology and drawings determines the correctness of the designed mold and process

when it comes to the survival and development of enterprises, we often talk about the word "technological innovation". This word is also one of the differences between manufacturing plants and assembly plants. It is a necessary basic skill for a manufacturer

having such skills requires a certain depth of technical reserves and accumulation, as well as a deep understanding and understanding of forklifts. This is not what a forklift enterprise eager for quick success can do. It needs to endure loneliness and cold waves. With its love for forklifts, it can achieve success over the years. However, looking at the forklift factories that have sprung up now, in order to produce products quickly, they do not hesitate to dig corners with heavy money, which leads to the frequent flow of forklift technicians among enterprises, and they cannot stay in one place for too long, and the enterprises do not have their own foundation at all

I'm glad that Anhui Tiyou forklift truck is a team that can stand loneliness

in addition to the technical level, excellent management is also an important difference between manufacturers and assembly plants. Excellence is not necessarily advanced, advanced, not necessarily suitable for oneself. The management of foreigners is not advanced, but when you come to China, you will also be acclimatized

it takes some time to find a suitable management mode. We need to refine the extensive management, pay attention to every detail, pay attention to every subtle defect, and be keenly aware of the loopholes in the management level, and pay more attention to the experience of every customer. This is also the secret of the success of iPhones and Samsung

a friend said that the domestic forklift could not even install a screw and could not be tightened. Indeed, many manufacturers have experienced such low-level quality problems. This is not a technical problem, but a loophole in production management. When the assembly plant encounters such a problem, it will feel that it is a trivial matter. Educate the assembly workers well, and you will be deducted next time. What the manufacturer thought of was to find out the loopholes in its own management. Why did the workers not operate according to the assembly instructions? Why didn't the inspector check that the screw was loose? Then we can improve management and make up for loopholes, which not only solves this problem, but also solves all similar problems from the root

it's easy to talk about these. In practice, there are a lot of trivial and cumbersome basic work to do. I'm glad that we have been working hard

I believe that every main engine factory is willing to be a manufacturer. I hope all forklift workers can work together to deepen development, find a way suitable for themselves, and stick to the forklift industry together. The industry spring of a hundred schools of thought contending and a hundred flowers blooming will eventually come

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