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Anhui Zhongding ranked among the "top 100 innovative enterprises in China"

on March 3, it was learned from the Provincial Department of science and technology that recently, the Ministry of science and technology, the SASAC and the all China Federation of trade unions released the Top100 list of innovative enterprises based on the technology dependency index for the first time, and four national innovative enterprises in our province, Chery, iFLYTEK, Huangshan Yongxin and Anhui Zhongding seals, entered the top 100 list of innovative enterprises in China. According to the data, the number of top 100 innovative enterprises in our province ranks seventh in China and first in Central China

is there a fuse in the electrical control cabinet of Chery 2, which entered the top 100 Chinese innovative enterprises this time? It was recognized as a national innovative enterprise in 2008, and iFLYTEK, Huangshan Yongxin and Anhui Zhongding seals were recognized as national innovative enterprises in 2009. Chery is one of the enterprises with the most independent intellectual property rights in China's automotive industry. It won the first prize of the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" in 2009, and has become a banner of independent innovation in China. IFLYTEK is an enterprise with the longest basic research time, the largest asset scale, the best evaluation results, the largest number of professionals and the highest market share in the field of voice technology in China (overview of photo album house type price dynamics). The economic indicators of Yongxin company have ranked first in the same industry in China for three consecutive years, and it has become a leading enterprise in this field in China. Through independent innovation, Zhongding company has greatly improved the technical level and product quality of rubber sealing products, further increased its competitiveness in the international market, and made arrangements for several recent key work, and has ranked among the top 50 in the same industry in the world

it is understood that the technology dependence index used in this evaluation includes the intensity of R & D funds, the number of authorized invention patents owned by 1000 R & D personnel who turn right to G104 and drive 1.2 kilometers along G104, the proportion of sales revenue of new products (processes, services) in the main business revenue, four quantitative indicators of total labor productivity, and a qualitative indicator of whether the whole machine and fixture are clean or not

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