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Honeywell's innovative technology was selected to help PetroChina Guangdong petrochemical refining and chemical integration project

des Plaines, Illinois, USA, 20 water and air entering the state (hydrolytic stability, demulsibility, anti foaming, air release) on August 22, 19, Honeywell UOP announced today, China National Petroleum Corporation Guangdong petrochemical branch (hereinafter referred to as PetroChina Guangdong petrochemical) will adopt Honeywell UOP's advanced heavy oil processing technology in its refining and chemical integration project in China. After being put into operation, the annual crude oil processing capacity of the new plant is expected to reach 20million tons, which will help promote the national energy security strategy and help PetroChina Guangdong petrochemical to transform into a highly integrated supplier of petrochemical products

Honeywell UOP will provide a series of technical services including technical authorization, engineering design, key equipment, advanced catalysts and adsorbents, as well as operator training, commissioning and continuous operation

this is an economically feasible solution that meets the scale and complexity of PetroChina's operations. Liumaoshu, vice president and general manager of Honeywell UOP China, said that the technology provided by Honeywell UOP, which combines oil refining operations with a full set of aromatics combined units, can help PetroChina Guangdong petrochemical achieve large-scale and efficient production of aromatics, making it expected to become one of the world's leading enterprises

the project includes a unicrackingtm hydrocracking unit with an annual service output of 3.7 million tons and two UOP CCR platformingtm platinum reforming units with an annual output of 3 million tons. Unicracking hydrocracking can convert heavy vacuum wax oil into automotive fuel and petrochemical raw materials. CCR Platforming platinum reforming is used to produce fuel and aromatics, as well as hydrogen necessary for other processes in the plant

the plant also plans to build a light desorption agent (LD) Parex TM Aromatics Complex with an annual output of 2.6 million tons for the production of high-purity p-xylene. P-xylene is the main component in the manufacture of various plastic resins, films and fibers. After being put into operation, the single set scale of the device will rank among the world's leading ranks. In addition, the aromatics combined unit also includes UOP sulfolane aromatics extraction, isomar isomerization and tatoray toluene isomerization processes, as well as UOP olefin removal process units, to ensure that the Parex adsorption and separation process continues to maintain a good operating state

Honeywell UOP is the world's leading Licensor of aromatics production process technology. As of that year, the orders of injection molding machines, film blowing machines, extruders, molding machines and other auxiliary equipment in the region have achieved comprehensive growth. In 2018, Honeywell UOP has authorized more than 100 sets of aromatics combined units and 700 sets of independent aromatics production units around the world, including more than 370 sets of CCR Platforming process units, more than 160 sets of sulfolane units, more than 80 sets of isomar units, more than 60 sets of tatoray units and more than 100 sets of Parex units

Guangdong petrochemical branch of China National Petroleum Corporation is subordinate to China National Petroleum Corporation, which is a large oil and gas producer and distributor in China

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