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Anhui Tongcheng printing after "plastic restriction" is precisely because of the special nature of plastic restriction, which determines the plastic printing operators must make a choice at the crossroads

change makes sense, and change makes danger. Hesitation or blind follow-up is not a desirable attitude

after 30 years of reform and opening up, Tongcheng, Anqing, Anhui, together with Xiaolan in Zhongshan, Guangdong, Longgang in Wenzhou, Zhejiang and Sanhe in Langfang, Hebei, are both well-known packaging and printing clusters in China

according to incomplete statistics, 186 of the 243 printing enterprises registered in Tongcheng are engaged in plastic printing. Therefore, in a sense, Tongcheng printing is plastic printing. Tongcheng's plastic printing, mining machinery, cigarette machinery parts, brush and cover making, and down products together constitute the five pillar industries in Tongcheng

has the plastic printing in Tongcheng been affected after the plastic restriction order issued by the state was officially implemented on June 1 this year? What is the extent of the impact? What are the plans of plastic printing enterprises for the future? In order to answer these questions, the author recently went to Tongcheng to do a preliminary investigation

the cold air of plastic restrictions going south

only a month and a half since the implementation of plastic restrictions, plastic printing operators in Tongcheng have really felt a cold air going south, which is mainly reflected in four aspects

1. Orders fell sharply. In the same period of previous years, there were an endless stream of printing orders for plastic bags, and the order volume was also considerable, but now it has become a yellow crane to the west, and the order volume of the vast majority of enterprises has decreased to varying degrees, and some enterprises can't even get orders. According to preliminary statistics, at least 80% of plastic printing enterprises have been affected by plastic restrictions

2. The existing printing equipment is idle, and the purchase of new printing equipment is suspended. Take Tongcheng Xinao Plastic Co., Ltd., which is designated to print plastic bags for all chain stores in East China of Suguo supermarket, as an example. The manufacturer has eight heat sealing and hot-dip vest bag making machines, and now only four of them can be turned on, compared with eight machines running at full speed in the same period last year. Tongcheng Yinsheng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and maintenance of plastic printing equipment. In previous years, the sales volume of equipment was considerable, but this year, it was scarce. General manager zhangyinsheng can only look helpless when talking about this situation

3. When customers issue orders to plastic printing enterprises, they begin to tighten and reduce prices. Tongcheng Risheng packaging and printing company received the printing order of standard shopping bags from Hefei hejiafu supermarket this year, but it was obtained through strict bidding procedures. The reason for winning the bid is not only that the company has advanced equipment and stable printing quality, but also that their quotation is low. Manufacturers have no choice but to lower prices, which was not the case in the past

4. A few manufacturers have decided to sell the equipment and plan to change production or even stop running enterprises

the impact is not yet the disaster of extinction

from the field investigation, although the plastic printing in Tongcheng is not optimistic now, it is not necessary to be pessimistic at all. There are three aspects that can support this theory

1. Most manufacturers are still in production. The plastic printing plants in Tongcheng are mainly concentrated in the four townships of Xin'andu, Shuanggang, Laomei and luting, as well as the Tongcheng economic development zone. Most of the plastic printing enterprises in these places are still in operation, and only a few have stopped production. Especially in the plastic printing Park in Xin'andu, we can also see a busy production phenomenon. Its plastic printing products are mainly standard shopping bags with a thickness of more than 2.5 silk (0.025 mm), which are not within the scope of national plastic restrictions

2. The printing volume of plastic standard shopping bags has decreased, but the production volume of plastic roll bags is rising. At ENN plastics, we can see that the existing six computer continuous winding point breaking bag making machines are all running at full power and put into production. Wang Xinmin, the boss of the company, said that compared with the past, the supply of portable standard shopping bags that customers need to spend money to buy in supermarkets has indeed decreased, but the demand for non portable roll on roll plastic bags for free use by consumers has increased

3. The owner of the plastic printing factory has not stopped contacting business everywhere. In this survey, several factories didn't see the boss. When I arrived at Xinsheng plastic packaging Co., Ltd. in Xinandu town and Zhongkang Plastic Co., Ltd. in Shuanggang Town, I didn't find the boss, but the factory didn't look like closed. When asked, the boss went to the first part of the aluminum-plastic composite pressure pipe and ran the market. This shows that on the one hand, the plastic printing factory is under pressure and can't stay at home; On the other hand, there is no despair. If you are really desperate, there is no need to go out and run

attitude waiting and wait-and-see

waiting refers to waiting for the government to introduce new and more specific policies and regulations in terms of plastic restrictions, so as to formulate corresponding countermeasures according to the new policies. Wait and see means to see what others do and what tactics they adopt, and then consider whether they follow up. This attitude clearly reflects that Tongcheng people pay attention to the way of management, which is stable and conservative. They are not willing to take big risks and do not want big ups and downs. One step at a time, one step at a time, can be said to be the most talked about by Tongcheng plastic printing bosses at present

countermeasures go their own way

the situation reflected by Tongcheng plastic printing industry after plastic restrictions vividly shows that plastic restrictions are first and foremost restrictions, which reduce market demand and put plastic printing enterprises under pressure to survive. Secondly, plastic restriction is not a ban. The demand of the plastic market continues to exist, and plastic printing enterprises still have room for survival

it is precisely because of the special nature of plastic restriction that plastic printing operators must make a choice at the crossroads. In my humble opinion, facing the general environment of plastic restriction, plastic printing operators have roughly five channels to choose:

1 Enterprise suspension

2. Product conversion

3. Continue to engage in plastic printing, but reduce the scale or improve the product grade

4. Diversify and seek new growth points

5. Go out and develop in other cities

waiting and watching can last for a while, but it is by no means a long-term plan. Because enterprises want to survive, employees want to eat, and market opportunities are fleeting, many factors require operators at the crossroads to make decisions as soon as possible in order to change

change makes sense, and change makes danger. Hesitation or blind follow-up is not a desirable attitude. Based on the experience of many successful enterprises, including Tongcheng, the best policy for the factory to make a choice at the crossroads is to find the right market positioning and take a road suitable for itself. The full name of the project is plasticpackagingrecyclingusingintelligentseparationtechnologiesformaterials (PRISM), which means that enterprises must determine their product structure according to market demand. No matter what kind of products an enterprise produces, it must take market support as the prerequisite. The production of products without market support or insufficient support is invalid labor and the performance of inaccurate market positioning. The so-called "taking the right path" means that manufacturers have a variety of ways to participate in market competition, and their respective situations are very different. It is not a way of success and making money that can be applied to many enterprises. Copying the principle of taking things as they are is a big taboo in business

we should take whatever path is suitable for the situation of our enterprise, even if it is a difficult path in the eyes of others. Tongcheng Rixin Packaging Co., Ltd. did not follow up with plastic printing when plastic printing was booming in Tongcheng, but took the printing of new environmental protection packaging labels in the electrical industry as its market positioning based on the characteristics of the enterprise. Due to its high degree of specialization and strong focus on quality, the company is the first to launch the self-adhesive printing enterprise standard in Anhui. It has passed the EU ROHS certification for five consecutive years, and has obtained the recognition and support of Midea, Rongshida and other major electrical industry. Now it has an annual output of 15million environmental protection labels, accounting for half of the labels in the electrical industry in the province, so it has not been affected by this plastic restriction. General manager Cheng Rixin also founded a printing materials company and registered Beijing Rixin culture and art development company in the capital to carry out the production and operation of cultural works of art, making Rixin company develop towards collectivization. Tongcheng Jinrun packaging company specializes in making cardboard and food packaging boxes, and with the advantages of relying on Yurun Group and the characteristics of Tongcheng extensometer or strain gauge to show the elongation of standard tensile samples with more hydration zones, it has opened up a poultry and egg breeding base dominated by ducks. Now, whether the laboratory machine manufacturer wants to occupy a stable market position, paper prints or poultry and egg food are sold hot. These two examples show that plastic printing is not necessarily the only way out in Tongcheng. As long as enterprises find the right market positioning and take the road suitable for themselves, the prospects are bright

it is undeniable that after the plastic limit, Tongcheng's printing business is in a very difficult period. In 2007, the city's total annual printing sales of 3billion yuan will be difficult to continue, and the reshuffle of the plastic printing industry is about to begin. However, plastic products have already entered thousands of households. It is impossible for Chinese shopping tools to return to the era of basket carrying, and plastic printing will not be completely destroyed

as long as the printing operators in Tongcheng dare to emancipate their minds, adjust the product structure, avoid being large and comprehensive, form small and refined characteristics, and take their own path, the future of Tongcheng printing industry will still be beautiful

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