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Anhui Tongcheng builds China's packaging and printing industry base

in recent years, Anhui anqingtong has built a more sustainable and healthier environmental polyurethane A-class board in the future interior of the car according to the compound of double-sided coating mortar provided by some manufacturers. The test report shows that the city has fully tapped the potential of the packaging and printing industry, relying on the advantages of brand, technology, talent and market, and has spared no effort to build a model for the national packaging and printing industry In East China, please charge first (it can also be applied when charging) as a flagship large-scale packaging and printing industry base in the region. At present, it has shown a development pattern of many enterprises, large groups, excellent brands and wide markets. There are more than 2000 packaging and printing production enterprises in the city, including more than 300 enterprises above Designated Size and more than 60000 employees, achieving an output value of 4.6 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 620 million yuan, and total industrial assets of 1.5 billion yuan

strengthen industry guidance and formulate scientific development plans. Over the years, the development of Tongcheng packaging and printing industry is mainly limited to packaging products, and upstream products are scarce. In order to guide the long-term development of packaging and printing enterprises, the municipal government commissioned the Department of printing and packaging of Wuhan University to formulate the "development plan of Tongcheng packaging and printing industry", which passed the expert review and demonstration in October 2008 and is planned to be implemented scientifically in 2009

create a cluster economy and build a development platform. In recent years, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have made every effort to build an industrial economic development platform, adopted a number of supportive policies and measures, and increased the construction of industrial parks and industrial concentration areas. Xindu and Shuanggang towns have the title of hometown of plastics, and Daguan and Lvting towns have the Title of hometown of capping. Tongcheng was awarded the brand of China packaging and printing industry base by the China Packaging Federation in 2008

increase technical training and improve the technical content of products. Over the years, it has organized more than 10 training sessions on various packaging technologies. Last year, in response to the plastic restriction order, experts from the China Plastics Industry Research Center and the National Plastics Standards Commission were invited to Tongcheng for technical research. At this time, this phenomenon often occurred. It was a lecture on whether it was yield technology. It carried out industry university research cooperation with the Department of printing and packaging of Wuhan University. Through the cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, the problems of packaging and printing enterprises in the city in application technology, product development and other aspects have been solved

strengthen industry management and give play to the role of industry associations. Tongcheng city established the packaging and Printing Association in 1998. At present, it has 60 governing units and more than 100 member units. The association is responsible for collecting, analyzing, exchanging and publishing industry information, putting forward industry development opinions, formulating industry conventions and service specifications, and carrying out industry exchanges and cooperation, so as to promote enterprises to achieve complementary advantages, scale operation, mutual promotion and cohesion in the process of operation and management

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