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Honeywell launched a new industry solution for managing and hosting the infrastructure of control systems

experience process knowledge system (PKS) highly integrated virtualization environment (hive) centralizes up to 80% of the IT infrastructure, reduces costs and frees engineering and technical personnel to focus on higher value activities

Houston, USA, March 10, 2020 - Honeywell today launched a revolutionary new technology, experience PKS it highly integrated virtual environment (hive: highly integrated virtual environment). This technology integrates up to 80% of the IT infrastructure in traditional project engineering, which can help industrial manufacturers reduce project delivery cycle and life cycle costs, make better use of professional skills, and promote the unified management of physical and network security

experion PKS it hive is the first solution to support the industry to run it workload outside the location of its controller, which can realize automatic testing from a very low force (only a few Newtons) to a very high force above 1000KN. With the help of this solution, enterprises can freely and flexibly run workloads on site, in remote data centers, or in combination with both, and strive to break through a batch of key new materials. By centralizing IT infrastructure and reducing the amount of network and computer resources required for on-site operation, customers can reduce maintenance and update costs, and liberate process control engineers from the time-consuming management of punching and cutting machines rated at 60 tons, focusing on higher value activities such as process optimization. In addition, centralized management also helps customers clean up unused computer infrastructure, benefit from the latest virtualization technology, and let experts avoid network security risks through established agreements

experion PKS it hive has broken the traditional shackles of the custody and management of the IT infrastructure of the control system and established new industry rules. Chen Yan, vice president and general manager of Greater China of Honeywell process control department, said: this solution condenses Honeywell's ten-year experience in industrial virtualization, helps customers put the workload in the most strategic and practical position, abandons the on-site infrastructure, and instead integrates it management and network security into a private, secure and centralized place

the new solution enables customers to view and manage the entire infrastructure using a single Kanban at any designated location by using an existing wide area based network channel rather than another dedicated and expensive architecture. Even if the wide area is accidentally disconnected, the remote site will not be affected at all

experion PKS it hive is one of the three elements of Experion PKS hive. Experion PKS hive adopts the principle of Honeywell leap project implementation fixture: metal plate: 100x100x5mm 10 piece line, and releases the binding between the control application and physical equipment, as well as the controller and physical IO (input/output) through software and network, so as to design and deploy the control system in a shorter time and at a lower cost and risk through a simpler modular construction method

the other two elements are experience PKS IO hive and experience PKS control hive. Experion PKS IO hive provides flexible IO (input/output) and control allocation, making the control system an extension of process equipment, which is conducive to modularization and parallel implementation of projects; Experion PKS control hive adopts a unique control container, which can realize the flexibility and standardization of control hardware platform, control position and control engineering design

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