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Next dematek ushers in a new era of distribution

next, one of the major retailers in the UK, has adopted a new delivery to order fulfillment solution. Its distribution center in South elmsall, West York, will significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the distribution company. The friction and friction coefficient of the sample will be measured

the picking speed has increased by 300%

the high-speed goods to people picking station system designed and implemented by Dematic has increased the order picking speed by nearly three times, and the picking speed can continue to grow to meet the requirements of enterprise business changes

high speed goods to people picking station system: conform to ergonomics and improve work efficiency

as the first such system implemented in the UK, next's high-speed picking station system shows that it has taken a big step in increasing the efficiency of order picking. Dedicated to the company's high momentum goods, such as clothing, footwear, accessories and home packaging with the packaging belt (strapping belt) series of polyethylene court products, 20 stations each to complete the distribution of 24 stores. At each high-speed goods to people picking station, the picker completes the batch order according to the instructions of electronic label picking (PTL), and the goods from the storage area are replenished continuously according to the order

products will be delivered to the central picking point of the station from Dematic's existing automatic picking system

each station can place 24 order bins, which are sent to one of more than 500 stores in the next distribution center after picking

the electronic tag shows how many goods should be put in each bin, allowing one picker to pick 24 orders at the same time

after picking an order box, the display will instruct the picker to push it onto the conveyor connected to the station, and then send it to the delivery area for loading and distribution

the picking efficiency of each picker has been increased by three times

before the introduction of high-speed goods to people picking station, the goods with high volume in the next distribution center adopt a manual order picking system

due to the many product specifications of next goods, the picker has to rush around a lot between each picking station when picking. In peak demand season, the demand can only be met by adding a large number of pickers

on the contrary, the high-speed goods to people picking station minimizes the time of a large number of pickers. The picker has a continuous supply of products without moving around. The ergonomic design of this station is the guarantee of the picker's minimum physical consumption and high picking efficiency

thanks to the innovative design of Dematic, according to the order form, the picker of next now picks up 1000 goods per hour. Another advantage of supplying goods to pickers is that they greatly reduce errors, improve accuracy, and improve customer service

picker management is optimized

Dematic's manual management software plays a vital role in ensuring that all the potential of the system is fully realized. The performance of a single picker is displayed by the "efficiency percentage", which is calculated in real time by the software according to the standard time required for each picking task of the operator

the software can also be used to manage bonus plans. Aluminum pipe butt welded aluminum plastic pipe gb/t18997.2 ⑵ 003 aluminum plastic composite pressure pipe (butt welding) cj/t159 ⑵ 002 rewards pickers whose work performance exceeds 100%, so as to draw the efficiency trend of pickers

to make them equal when they reach the specified performance indicators

similarly, this software can ensure that managers and supervisors get the necessary real-time information and take measures when individual employees are lower than expected


the picking speed has increased by 300%

each picker can pick 1000 goods per hour

fast and responsive system

extremely high accuracy

ergonomic optimized picking

improve oh&s

enhance the management of pickers (end)

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