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Next generation mobile terminals: sensors will become more complex

there is a saying in the industry that behind every mobile sensor is an industry of tens of billions

in fact, from the perspective of the development roadmap of iPhone products, every step is inseparable from sensors. The first generation iPhone can automatically adjust the screen to horizontal or vertical display, so that accelerometers are widely used; IPhone 3GS uses electronic compass for navigation; The iPhone 4 and the first iPad created a new market for motion sensing gyroscopes

therefore, when talking about the next generation of mobile terminals, the role of sensors cannot be ignored

products will be more complex

driven by intelligence, sensors represented by gyroscopes, accelerometers and pressure sensors have developed rapidly. With the continuous enrichment of application types and the improvement of functions, more and more sensing functions are needed on a mobile terminal device. This makes the application scenario that the sensor can handle much more complex than that consumers regard as a communication tool alone or as a media entertainment tool

as sensors are gradually favored, adding sensors to hardware is a great challenge to the research and development of end products. Take wireless interference as an example. At present, it is very complex to process wireless signals by itself. It is necessary to solve both 3G and Wi Fi. Therefore, when adding sensors that support wireless communication capabilities such as NFC, the problem of interference should be fully considered

the traditional approach is that the core chip only exists as a channel, which is transmitted to the upper application after receiving the signal, so the channel is very simple, but this will increase the terminal design Timken DD φ 32.60 dd φ 32.75 dd φ 32.90 dd φ 33.05 the experimental method can be combined with other experimental methods to comprehensively evaluate the complexity of the extreme pressure function of gear oil, because the latter needs to solve the problems of how to use the interface, what to do if the interface is not enough, and how to deal with the upper software

at present, some chip manufacturers are trying to change this process to reduce the complexity of development

Wang Yufei, senior product manager of Qualcomm, said that Qualcomm's approach is to solve the above problems through a dedicated processing unit with independent computing capacity in the chip. From the current usage, I think these applications have matured

however, for the final terminal manufacturer, it has already considered what kind of sensors should be loaded when designing the product concept. Although it will increase the workload, because many of them can be developed in parallel, it will not prolong the product development cycle

the types are still increasing

although the types of sensors themselves are very rich, they are still an emerging industry on the whole

on the one hand, the development of integration of multiple sensors is gradually favored. However, some insiders believe that although integration will bring convenience to development, it will sacrifice flexibility. However, it is undeniable that the development of mobile terminals is tied to sensors, and sensors such as 3-axis accelerometers, 3-axis gyroscopes, microphones, stereo acoustic filters have become standard equipment

on the other hand, from the use of sensors on terminals, we should develop more simple sensors, such as microphone hearing, camera vision and so on. For the future, most respondents said that pressure sensors and optical image sensors will be more widely used, such as indoor navigation, shooting anti shake, etc

Wang Yufei said: the types of sensors may increase, but more importantly, the application forms between sensors, especially the technology in software, will become more intelligent

some public data show that in 2013, the accelerometer will continue to rise, the gyroscope attachment rate will increase from 10% to 30%, and the geomagnetic attachment rate will increase. The new generation BMW 7 series is also equipped with iDrive system with touch screen to 70%; The humidity sensor will appear in the reference design for the first time

this also shows that in addition to meeting the existing hardware functions, mobile terminals can also add new functions by adding different kinds of sensors, so as to achieve more user needs

however, Liu Gang, director of product planning of Hisense communications, said that although such sensors can be put into production technically at present, it is still a matter of time whether they are suitable for application on

applications need to find a balance

although it is reasonable to believe that with the increase of the types of sensors, the technologies of temperature sensing, body sensing, brain wave control, fingerprint recognition and face recognition are no longer found in science fiction movies, only when these technologies are mature and cheap enough and popularized on Mobile terminals can they reflect their commercial value and further affect the design of the next generation of terminals

just like NFC technology, it can become a key technology to innovate the business model in the payment field only with the participation of many enterprises in the industry. In addition, in the field of medical and health care, doctors can timely understand the physical changes of patients through the sensors on the, and change the existing mode of physical examination. In the field of intelligent buildings, they can adjust the temperature of a certain area by understanding the density of people through indoor positioning. The emergence of these application scenarios makes many insiders find that there are many traditions that can be overturned in this field

as for the cost, Liu Yilin, a senior visual designer of frog company, said that only new technologies that find a balance between commercial value and application value can truly benefit the public

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