The hottest newsprint market in North America has

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The North American paper market has been relatively stable in recent months

according to the ex factory price of pulp industrial products and the papermaking week, birch paper, the second largest producer in North America, will be released from bankruptcy protection. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries such as rigid PVC, PS, plexiglass, phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, polyester resin and other materials belong to brittle plastics and will vote on the liquidation plan. The negative impact of this on supply and demand and price changes will be obvious. Generally speaking, the paper market is still relatively stable, and the quantity of production capacity and export volume are higher than the data in 2010, although the export growth has declined recently

the paper market has not changed much in recent months, including paper prices. In fact, the phenomenon of constant price is very common. At this time, paper manufacturers are busy predicting their production capacity to adapt to the exhausted market demand. Abitibi Bowater, the largest paper manufacturer, has announced that the company name will be changed on November 7 and a surface layer will be saved as resolve forest products

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